Supervised Visitation Scheduling Plan

If the court comes to a decision that supervised visitations will be better for the child, you must abide by the court order and make your child or children readily available for the supervised visitations.

Supervised visitations may be established if there are a safety and security issues but it may as well be established if the parent has been missing from the child’s life and they will need to get acquainted.

Court Short Term Ordered Supervised Visitation

Sometimes, in some cases, supervised visitations are actually short-term agreements which may result in unsupervised visitation if the non-custodial parent fulfills specific criteria the judge has ordered. For instance, the non-custodial parent might need to have six months of clean drug testings, get counseling, or finish an anger management program for them to be granted unsupervised visitations.

The judge will choose the dates and times of day for the supervised visitations. The court will also make a decision on where the visits will occur.

Some judges will instruct the supervised visitations to occur in an authorized facility such as a custody exchange center. There will be a monitor present with the non-custodial parent in the area for the duration of the visitations.

A Judge May Order Visitations Only with a Professional Supervising Monitor

In some cases, the court will stipulate a social worker or a Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor to come with the child to the non-custodial mother or father’s residence (or other designated location). The designated monitor will remain with the child for the whole entire visit and return the child to the custodial parent.

The court might permit a friend, relative, or an acquaintance to serve as the monitor for supervised visits if the individual is prepared and the parents can mutually agree on a specific person. If this is a possibility for you, you will have to contemplate whether or not the individual can be dependable and trusted.

If you think your ex-mother-in-law would allow would allow your ex to take your child without her present, she is most likely definitely not going to be the right individual for the job. If your sibling does not get along with your ex-spouse, they most likely will not be the best match, either.

Custody Exchange Schedule Planning Software

You take into consideration the significant accountability of overseeing child visits with a non-custodial parent in addition to any pressure this may put on your friend or family member prior to choosing this plan.

You can use Custody Exchange software to create a calendar of the supervised visitation schedule. You can also use Custody Exchange Software journal functions in order to keep track of whether or not your ex-spouse shows up to visitation and to document what actually happened.

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