How Supervised Visits Work Within State Guidelines in California

  • Step 1. Your FREE Phone Consultation

    Our telephone discussion will simply be an opportunity for me to learn certain aspects concerning your court ordered visitation situation. The discussion will allow me to ensure that I can be confident that I can assist with your families visitation requirements. You can likewise question me so I can address any matters or concerns you might have pertaining to my services.

  • Step 2. The Intake Appointments

    There will be two individual intake scheduled appointments; one for each parent. During the course of the intake session, I will be picking up a copy of the court order and any continuing restraining orders from each parent. We will examine all the specifics of your case, go over the rules, and sign the visitation agreements.

  • Step 3. Review Visitation Agreements, Arrangements, and Set-up Visits

    Soon after the intake meetings, I will thoroughly go over your court order to ensure that I might properly establish specific location & periods of time so that I know visitation times and places are going to work most effectively for all participants.

  • Step 4. Supervised Visits Begin

    The visitations will commence. The custodial parent will be directed to arrive 15 minutes before the noncustodial parent and depart immediately to prevent contact with the noncustodial parent. Then near the end of the visitation, the noncustodial parent will depart 15 minutes in advance of the custodial parent arriving back at the visitation location.

    During the course of the visitation I am required to and therefore will stay within sight and hearing range and the noncustodial parent and child or children at all times when the noncustodial parent is in the presence of the child or children.

    I am going to be taking thorough and copious notes throughout the entire visitation about its participant’s actions, reactions, and statements. (Please see visitation rules & guidelines for additional details about procedures that will need to be adhered to during the visitations.)

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