As a Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor, ensuring that you as the non-custodial parent (Or Grandparents) get the court ordered quality time you deserve with your child, children or grandchildren.

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We want the child or children and you to have the best possible experience during your visit. We work in consideration of your individual needs to schedule a time and place, (Typically outdoors), for you to enjoy visiting with your child or children.

Professionally Supervised Visitations

A Professionally Supervised Visitation requires the Legal Disclaimer be monitored by a court-approved visitation monitor who provides a safe, stress-free, and secure environment physically and emotionally for children and parents who are on court-ordered visitation with their children in all California Counties including Riverside County and San Diego County.

A Professionally monitored visit calls for the visitation be observed by a court-authorized Supervised Visitation Monitor who ensures a safe, hassle-free, and safe and secure surroundings physically and emotionally for children and parents who are on a court-ordered visit with their children in all California Counties including Riverside County and San Diego County.

Court Ordered Supervised Visitation

If the judge comes to a decision that supervised visitation will be better for the child, you must abide by the court order and make your child available for the supervised visitations and make arrangements accordingly with the Supervised Visitation Monitor.

MonitoredFamily Court Judge Assigns a Supervised Visitation Monitor visitation might be established if there are safety and security concerns. It can also be ordered if the parent has been missing from the child’s life and they need to get re-acquainted.

Sometimes, monitored visiting is a short-term agreement where the goal is the non-custodial parent satisfies particular requirements. For instance, the non-custodial mother or father may have to have six months of clean drug tests, find counseling, or complete an anger management class for them to be granted unsupervised visits.

The judge will determine the duration of the monitored visitations. The judge will also decide where the visits will transpire.

Visitation Assigned Facility

Some courts will require supervised visits to happen in an assigned facility. There will be a Supervised Visitation Monitor in attendance with the non-custodial mother or father in the space for the time-span of the visits.

In some cases, the court will assign a social worker or a similar person to come with the child to the non-custodial mother or father’s home (or another specified facility). The designated monitor will remain with the child for the whole visit and return the child to the custodial mother or father.

Professional vs Non-Professional Friends or Relatives as Visitation Monitors

The court might allow a friend, relative, or an acquaintance to serve for supervised visits if the individual is prepared and the parents can agree on an individual. If this is a choice for you, you will need to take into consideration whether or not the individual will be dependable and trusted.

If you think your ex-mother-in-law will permit would allow your ex to take your son or daughter without her in attendance, she is most likely not going to be the most suitable person for the task. If your brother does not agree with your ex-spouse, he probably isn’t really going to be the best favorable, either.

NOTE: Relatives simply by the nature of their relationship with the Child/Children and the non-custodial parent will be biased in their opinions of both and therefore more likely or less likely to supervise and report in a manner that is consistent with the Rules and Guidelines for the visitation set out by the court.

Responsibilities of a Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor

For more information on a Professional Supervised Visitation Provider’s Responsibilities Go Here.

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