Reasons Why Supervised Visitations May Be Ordered – It’s Up To The Judge

The Court Has the Final Say

Supervised visitation may be required for a variety of several reasons. Child welfare is the prime reason why a court will make allowance for supervised visitation. If a mother or father presents a danger to a son or daughter, for instance, the parent has a known substance or drinking problem, supervised visitation may be decreed.

Another justification for a judge to think about supervised visitations is if a parent does not have appropriate living arrangements for a child. For instance, if a mother or father is homeless or lives in a place that is not safe for the children, a judge may consider supervised visits. The decision to grant supervised visiting is based strictly on the facts of each individual case and falls to the judge.

(Quoting from the California Court Judicial Branch.)

A judge may order supervised visitation for many reasons, like:

  • To give the visiting parent a chance to address specific issues;
  • To help reintroduce a parent and a child after a long absence;
  • To help introduce a parent and a child when there has been no existing relationship between them;
  • When there is a history or allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, and neglect, or substance abuse;
  • When there are parenting concerns or mental illness; or
  • When there is a parental threat of abduction.

The court order will specify the time and duration of the visits. You Can Read More Here

Sometimes, the court order will also specify who will provide the supervised visitation services and where the visits will take place.

Can the Court Require Long-Term Supervised Visitation?

The simple answer is yes.

Supervised Visitation Monitors may be deemed required by a judge for reasons of establishing extended or long-term monitored visiting.

In many instances, a parent has psychological, physical or mental health issues that can not be corrected, yet both the non-custodial and child gain from the relationship.

I have seen cases where parents with severe mental health or intellectual functioning issues that rendered them incapable of taking care of their children without assistance. However, these non-custodial parents really loved their children and the children loved the parents. Allowing them time together, even though limited and mandated to take place in a supervised and monitored setting was an act of goodwill on the part of the judge.

So the courts can show mercy in cases where it is called for but each case is decided on its own merits. Especially when it comes to the courts establishing Long-Term Supervised Visitation Orders.

So, yes everything is up to the Court Judge for your case.  Now, what about the cost of a Supervised Visitation Monitor? Click Here

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