What Are Supervised Visitation Rights?

Visitation Rights Granted to a Non-Custodial Parent

Rights Granted a Non-Custodial Parent or Grandparent to Supervised Visits with a Child or Children as Stipulated by a Calfornia Family Court Judge as Part of a Divorce Settlement or a Legal Separation Agreement for a Marriage. Also known as Court Ordered Supervised Visitation Rights.

When are Visitation Rights Established

(1) When Parents can Amicably Reach Agreement on Visitations
Visitation Rights may be established by the Custodial Parent and agreeing Non-Custodial Parent to a visitation schedule or by a court order if the parents are unable to reach an agreement on scheduled visits.

(2) When a Court Judge Determines the Visitation Terms
If an agreement cannot be amicably reached between the parents, the court may intercede. When the court judge determines child visitation rights, it will develop a schedule that both parents and the child or children are bound to abide. This type of “Visitation Rights are also known as “Court Ordered Supervised Visitation Rights.”

(3) When there is Evidence of Potential Child Endangerment
According to the California Courts Judicial Branch, “Supervised Visitation Rights are used when the children’s safety and well-being require that visits with the other parent be supervised by you, another adult, or a professional agency (Monitor).

Supervised Visitation May be Deemed Necessary When a Court has been Shown Evidence of:

  • There has been a physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of the child by a parent
  • There has been a physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of one parent by the other parent
  • A parent has a substance abuse problem
  • A parent has an uncontrolled mental illness that poses harm to the child
  • There is a risk of kidnapping or abduction by one of the parents
  • A parent has neglected the child
  • A parent has been absent from the child’s life and wants to start a relationship with the child
  • There have been any potentially dangerous family situations

Supervised Visitation Rights of All Parties

All Parties To A Case Involving Supervised Child Visitations May or May Not be Granted Specific Supervised Visitation Rights

We will Take A Look at the Following Parties Specifically

First, we will take a look at Non-Custodial Grandparent’s Rights

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