Fathers Rights – Custody Or Visitation

Fathers Rights – Many individuals believe that courts grant mothers more Father feeding infant.rights to children, especially custodial rights, in comparison to fathers. That is simply NOT the case.

No state grants the presumption of rights for custody to Mothers or Grandparents. Virtually every Family Court Judge assesses a case based upon just what is in the best interest of the child or children.

If you want to fight for custody of your children, you need to get help from a qualified divorce attorney who is experienced in custody cases.

Now Days A Large Number Of Fathers Rights to Custody of their Children are Granted in California Courts

There can in many instances be a scenario where giving a mother principal custody is not in the best interest of the children. Certainly, there are instances where fathers literally have a custody advantage more than a child’s mother.

Just One Example of Why a Father May Get Custody

Mother mad at attorney in courtFor instance in disputes where the mother has a past record of substance abuse.

As well, in some families children could have exceptionally intense emotional bonds with their father and the mother may be an impairment of a healthy and balanced loving relationship between the father and child.

This may be especially true where the Mother works outside the home and the Father is a Stay at Home Dad or Work at Home Dad.Father Working from Visiting with Daughter.

In the Eyes of the Court, Initially, Both Parents Custody Status Should be Seen as Equal

In most cases, the law directs that the parents come to court with both knowing initially they have equal status in the eyes of the court inasmuch as custody judgments are involved. Note I’m saying ‘initially they do’.

But as a court judges the merits of each parent’s potential raise the child or children in a way that is in the best interest of the child or children, obviously how the court sees that potential for either parent is subject to change.

Father Rights to Visitation A Myth? Really?

Visitation – Fathers rights to visitation are a traditional story accepted as historical fact.Fathers Rights to Visit Children When in fact neither parent is inherently entitled to visitation rights when going through a divorce.

A non-custodial parent only has visitation rights once they have been granted by the California Family Court or determined in a parenting schedule/plan created by both the custodial and non-custodial parent together and are acknowledged and granted by the court.

Fathers Rights Visits Plays with SonAs parts of your divorce proceedings, it’s important to understand visitation and custody are two separate parts of your case. Legal custody grants you the ability to direct how your child is raised. This includes things such as the religion, education, and healthcare of your child.

Physical custody allows your child to live with you. Visitation, on the other hand, tends to define how, where and even how much of your time is spent with your child(ren). As well the court may decide visitations must be supervised by an unbiased third party or a court-approved Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor.

What if You Don’t Get Custody? Let Cooler Heads Prevail!

I understand if your knee-jerk reaction might be to prepare for a custody battle.

But if you were at least awarded Supervised Visitation Rights, now it the time to chill out. Those who think with a cooler head can prevail.

Regardless of how you feel about your Ex-Spouse, you need to be friendly and work with her and agree on a visitation schedule to see your child or children. Once the court approves the schedule, now you need to set up Supervised Visitation with a court-approved Professional Visitation Monitor.

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It’s Not A Win – But Not A Complete Loss Either

This way, if your future custody battle does NOT go your way, you will at least have Court Approved Supervised Visitations already established that your Ex can’t deny you.

THEN you call your attorney and prepare for your custody battle.

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Now let’s move on to a Mother’s Rights to Visitation

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But what about Childrens Rights when it comes to Court Ordered Visistation